[New Mixtape] Thrill Collins – “Felonious Onus” 7.17.12

Oh, hey.

On this day, July 17th, last year in 2011, one of the most mind expanding occurrences presented itself to me.

I sat down in a small East Atlanta Village bar / venue called 529 with a co-worker, and proceeded to order a drink.  Since I always have so many trinkets in my pockets (wallet, cigarettes, lighter, gum, keys, lip balm, etc.), I *brain deficiently*  placed a few items on the bar, including my wallet.  We met a multi-instrumentalist who spoke of work with producers we personally knew, and the setting was that of comfort and familiarity.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see an arm reach over and grab something in front of me, and my immediate reaction was my co-worker was grabbing a cigarette to smoke, since in Atlanta, most bars permit indoor smoking.   This was not the case.  I saw a seething face staring at me holding about 100 dollars of my cash in hand, and if hate was ever omnipresent, it was in his evil ogle.  If one were to pull out a spoon, the venom could have been scooped, eaten, and digested by everyone in the room.  I proceeded to confront this individual, and he simply lifted his shirt to show me the piece placed in the waist of his ragged sweatpants.  “We don’t like all y’all white people coming to the East Atlanta Village and raising our rent and shit,” he ignorantly stated, as I envisioned stealing his piece and blowing his head off all the way to Decatur.  My cohort pulled me back and calmly stated, “We’re in another city, we can’t do anything, let it go.”

We left the bar shortly thereafter, as no one there seemed to even notice nor care, and the feeling of helplessness and despair turned into thoughts of violence and bestiality.  Those of slashing his face with the sharpest imaginable blade, ripping his nose and lips off with my bare hands, and stomping it into oblivion took over my brain.  Now, I am not a violent person whatsoever, so these felonious thoughts polluted my soul so much, that upon my return, I sneezed after showering, and experienced the most painful back spasms one could imagine (a female cousin said the pain of child birth could not equivocate to that of back spasms).  

I was in bed for over a week, and felt even more helpless, desperate, and depressed.

In hindsight, I now realize that I was not personally a target of this person’s hate, but a victim of long standing CLASS, not necessarily RACE war that has occurred in just about every major city in the US.  Only thing that was my fault was absentmindedly placing my wallet on the bar, and the negative thoughts of violence that marched through my head like a Nazi Army.  Hatred breeds hatred, violence breeds violence, and if we succumb to that in which is not in our control, we become the aforementioned.  I am thankful I am a logical and reasonable person, because if I wasn’t, the repercussions would have been this individual’s life, and that would make me the weak one, not him.  I’ve been blessed to have been able to stay above water financially in my 32 years on this planet.  He unfortunately, has probably not.  I feel for him and anyone that has had to resort to violence in order to live in the US, and to be honest, I’d probably be doing the same, instead of milking the system or begging.

Oh yeah, there IS indeed a mixtape, enough of my babbling!

“Felonious Onus” has been a long time coming, as I’ve vowed to create more “mix” oriented material, with interludes, written arrangements, and of course, the hottest new and old ish.  Had a little help from a great friend, across the pond in Dublin, Ireland, Mr. Niall James Holohan, probably the most talented ARTIST you do not know of YET *just wait until he comes to NYC and collaboration is had between us*.

With this being said, enjoy this “Felonious Onus”, and no matter what religion you practice (if any at all), take heed the word of Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, any other prophet-like soul, and turn the other cheek.  We suffer for each other, and without the positive and negative, the universe would spin out of control due to disorder, and dissipate instantly.


Thrill Collins



Brain to Fingers.

Every day my current existence feels this life-long sense of conflict.  Deep down inside of  my Earth body is a joyful, playful, artistic, and creative troubadour longing for companionship and adventure.  Then there is the peremptory Brain, in which is the king priest of my temple, and knows if this intrinsic little creature gets out, nothing of substance will be executed, and the many that are in need of this incarnation’s skill set will be let down.  So this internal nonconformist fights w/ the Brain on a daily basis, piercing and tattooing its skin, literally shredding its clothes, attempting to look as outwardly odd as possible just to get back at the dictator the Brain has become.

There is however something that this subconscious little creature knows about the Brain, and that is, he/she REQUIRES it.  Options are weighed on the scales of balance, and he/she knows that if he/she is let to run completely out of the Brain’s control, he/she will perish immediately in a haze of our planet’s temptation.  The women.  The substances.  The materials.

So they are forced work in harmony, as best as possible, until one day they can become one.

His/ her name is the soul, and he/she is very real, and very old.


New Thrill Collins Mixtape – Drowned Prince 4.26.12

Greetings, My Friends:

Tis been quite thy minute since I, Sir Thrillonious Collinius, doth dropped thy tape of mix on thy brethren.

Without further ado, I present thy with “Drowned Prince” – a collection of Victorian Era vocal and instrumental pieces grown from a deep fascination with virtuosity in its contrasting forms.

Track list after le sout.


Thrill Collins




Extinct, Instinct? New Thrill Collins Mixtape


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything.”

He is considered the supreme genius of modern German literature.

So does genius entail intelligence, or sensibility?


Thrill Collins



It’s A Thrill Collins Summer w/ “Sweaty Lasagna” Everywhere


Hello Earthlings!

Looking for some summertime music?  Stuff that makes one want to lay on the beach, tan, and listen to the ocean breeze / seagulls cackling??  Well look no further than Thrill Collins’ “Sweaty Lasagna”!!!  Featuring hits by your all-time favourite artists such as Peaking Lights, Clams Casino, Cold Cave, Friendly Fires, Washed Out, Yelawolf, Work Drugs, and more!

Hipster?  No problem, Panda Bear is here in all his furriness!

Gangsta?  We got your Wiz Khalifa drinking Gin and smoking Sin!

Hippie?  Well, My Morning Jacket‘s latest and greatest is here, although it’s really hot out so you probably won’t need a jacket!!!

Wowie Zowie I am on a roll!  Or am I on a role?  Will let YOU decide by texting THROLL or THROLE to 555-2628

Anyway, what’s a summer without a heaping serving of sweat drenched Italian food??!

Not a very good one, I would imagine 😦


The Artist Formerly Known As Bret RoXiN


Thrill Collins Presents #TheMoodManual

Good evening, now I see you again.

Hello earth view, sounds far-fetched at the moment…

This is a cold war, do you know what you’re fighting for?

He’s a warrior, a warrior, here’s a little bitch coming at him, your eyes running through my head…

I remember making love on a Sunday.

Do you die in your dreams, I don’t even have them, you check the charts, and start to figure it out.

I’m not stupid, despite how it seems, I know anyone goes any damn place they like…

You don’t own the road, will you take the pain I will give to you again & again?

Suitcases on the sidewalk, all the sun that shines, shines for you.

Post-prime with nowhere left to go on a Sunday afternoon, bright lit blue skies, you’re full of lies.

Far off are perfect days, run away from me baby, runaway…


Initial Thoughts On… Bon Iver – “Calgary”

Written by Mark Mitchell

Three years is a long time between releases. Not that Justin Vernon has been hiding away, he’s just been focusing on things other then Bon Iver. Without fail, I am always faced with trepidation regarding an album release when the amount of time has been large since the previous release. In this technological age, where instant gratification is everything, after three Bon Iver-less years will people care anymore? Will the artist have lost something? After listening to “Calgary” just once, the answer is a resounding absolutely not.

The lush orchestration that starts the song off instantly prepares you for the tranquil beauty that is the voice of Bon Iver. In my opinion, there aren’t all that many VOICES coming out of music these days. Before you start to curse me out mentally, let me explain that I am in no way suggesting that there is any lack of musical voices in current music. Plenty of songwriters, singers, musicians as a whole out there that are keeping the wheel on fire, collecting that proverbial torch passed on from generation to generation. Music is doing just fine.

What I’m saying is that there aren’t too many VOICES, singers whose voice splatters paint in all kinds of crazy, beautiful, esoteric images on the blank canvas of the mind. Singers whose voices can be recorded a capella, and not a guitar chord or piano key is needed to justify the recording. Bon Iver is one of those voices. What this song does is lull me to a dreamlike state, then take me on a journey to a place I have never been. It takes me to Calgary. Albeit not the Calgary on the map in the Midwest of Canada. No, this Calgary is in my mind. A land of snow covered mountains, leading down the sun soaked beaches where the women are beautiful, the water is calm, the view is spectacular, and all anyone can seem to give a shit about is being happy while they accept their most innate sadness.

A weird concept I agree, but it’s the juxtaposition of the emotions this song makes me feel in four minutes that is so attractive about not only this song, but about every song I’ve heard from Bon Iver. The most basic of human emotions, happiness and sadness, melded into one supreme moment of feeling truly, unequivocally alive. This is what a good song should do, and “Calgary” does it.

Initial Thoughts… A