Revista: Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”

Revista By: Conrad Rayden

Second albums can present pitfalls for bands that fall prey to the sophomore slump.  Once overcome, the third album presents bands with opportunities to legitimize staying power in the ever-so-fickle music world.  One needs to look no further than Radiohead’s “OK Computer” or even Coldplay’s “X&Y” to see the importance of the third album when bands do indeed step up to the plate.

Win Butler and co. have definitely answered the calling and have delivered the goods on Album Number Three.

“Funeral” packed a punch with all songs full of fresh ideas whereas, “Neon Bible” forged a new path, which included an ethos of darkness and intensity.  From The Suburbs’ opening title track, it’s apparent that Arcade Fire is taking a slightly gentler different path this time around.  You know that you’re in for a journey, which reaches a somewhat “happy medium” between its 2 preceding records.    The band talks about beating causes (“Half Light II (No Celebration”), five and dimes (“Suburbs”), and children (“Month of May”).

Clocking in at over 60 minutes, its 18 songs could be considered an ambitious feat for many bands creating their third album.  “The Suburbs” may not present as many barn-burning singles as “Funeral”, and may not even contain as many deep and moody moments as “Neon Bible”; however, this façade of the band is one that will allay any fears that you may have about the suburbs.


Download – Arcade Fire – “Half Light II (No Celebration)”