Brain to Fingers.

Every day my current existence feels this life-long sense of conflict.  Deep down inside of  my Earth body is a joyful, playful, artistic, and creative troubadour longing for companionship and adventure.  Then there is the peremptory Brain, in which is the king priest of my temple, and knows if this intrinsic little creature gets out, nothing of substance will be executed, and the many that are in need of this incarnation’s skill set will be let down.  So this internal nonconformist fights w/ the Brain on a daily basis, piercing and tattooing its skin, literally shredding its clothes, attempting to look as outwardly odd as possible just to get back at the dictator the Brain has become.

There is however something that this subconscious little creature knows about the Brain, and that is, he/she REQUIRES it.  Options are weighed on the scales of balance, and he/she knows that if he/she is let to run completely out of the Brain’s control, he/she will perish immediately in a haze of our planet’s temptation.  The women.  The substances.  The materials.

So they are forced work in harmony, as best as possible, until one day they can become one.

His/ her name is the soul, and he/she is very real, and very old.


Standout Trak Revisited – PJ Harvey – “Let England Shake”

By Conrad Rayden

I love women singers.  The sensuality, emotion, and sultriness all rolled into one.  In a year that’s been lacking hard-hitting female albums, one stands out five full months into the new year.  PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake”.

No need for me to go into an album review here.  Just turn on your electric device and scroll down to Track 2, “The Last Living Rose”.  In a short 2 minutes, you’ll feel and know that she’s a force to be reckoned with.  When you hear the first stroke of that guitar, you’ll be able to see Ms. Polly Jean Harvey strutting down the street to her own beat and not taking any prisoners.  A great song, indeed, to lead the way into (hopefully), a better second half of music this year for women singers.

Check out the video below to see Ms. Harvey in all her brilliance